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Digital Marketing Campaigns for our Clients.

TikTok Marketing

Leverage TikTok influencers’ collaborations to generate top-performing UGC assets for your organic social or paid media campaigns. Use TikTok Marketing to drive more sales with engaging content.

Facebook marketing

Facebook isn’t simply a way to put ads in front of users. Sure, that is part of it, but more than that, Facebook is an ecosystem.  In fact, some businesses find that Facebook’s messaging app is one of the primary ways customers make contact.

Instagram Marketing

Drive ROI with Data-Driven Instagram Influencer Marketing. We approach creativity with care, and we pick our micro-influencers accordingly. We let our creators be true to their style; our focus is on positioning your product in a convincing and relatable setting.

Influencer Marketing Services

Leverage our network of vetted creators to create authentic and engaging content around your brand. We blend the expertise of our network of creators with our in-house conversion experts to create engaging User-Generated Content you can leverage to scale your marketing.


Our PPC experts set a click-through-rate target for your PPC ads, which helps to get maximum ROI within your budget. Investing in PPC help you to find out those customers who might not be able to find you through traditional organic results.


Ventures Consulting OU offers bespoke solutions to your SEO requirements, whether as part of a complete digital marketing plan, or to complement and work closely with your in-house department. We don’t have set and forget solutions, instead each campaign is tailored to the client’s industry and long-term ambitions.

Native User-Generated Content

Create content that is native to each social media platform and representative of your social media strategy.

You Don’t have to do it alone.  

No matter what stage of business you’re in, we can help you get to that next level of success. Whether it’s a one-time creative service or a full marketing campaign, we can help.
We’ll take an open-minded approach to your unique situation, then meticulously develop a plan designed to showcase your strength and expertise with the utmost style.
From concept through completion, we will deliver a company you can be proud of, at a price you can afford.

How it works


We cast the right influencers based on your target audience and the content format we’re looking for.


We identify your target persona, unique selling propositions, and content angles through competitor research, past campaign data and brainstorming.

Media buying & Optimization

We run ads to set a benchmark CPA for our given campaign. We edit winning ads to create high-performing variations.

Content editing

We edit the content & create multiple variations to A/B test on the social platform.

You can trust Ventures Consulting OU to always have your business’s best interests at heart. Ventures Consulting OU is built on a foundation of strong client relationships, ensuring that we provide sustainable, long-term results that move your business forward and reach your ambitions.

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